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Trodat Pocket Printy 9512

Trodat Pocket Printy 9512

Trodat Pocket Printy 9512

Price:   $ 27.95

SKU(s): PP9512, PP9512


Trodat Pocket Printy 9512 can be carried anywhere and is ready to use. The stamp features long-lasting materials that ensure plenty of crisp and clear impressions. Your personal stamp no matter where you go.

Imprint size up to 3/4" x 1-7/8" Ideal for 5 lines of text.
Available ink colors: black, red, blue, green and purple

Trodat Pocket Printy 9512 comes to fulfil the needs of stamp users who are on the move and look for a stamp which is functional, easy to carry and always ready to use.

Whether it’s the compact size, the various color choices, the simple sliding mechanism or the attractive design, the new Pocket Printy has all the features you need to make it your perfect portable stamp solution.

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